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Volunteering FAQs


I am recently bereaved and/or Helen's Trust has supported my family recently. Can I help?

Yes you can help. When you feel ready, please get in touch and we will arrange for you to meet us and have a confidential discussion about how you can support us and vice versa.

I have some health problems and/or a disability. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, absolutely. Just get in touch and we'll arrange to have a confidential chat where we can talk through the different tasks you might be interested in. We have lots of different opportunities for people who want to support us by volunteering. Some roles are physical but not all. If it works better for you, you may be able to help us remotely by making crafts, sharing skills, even providing a chair for an event is a great help to us. 

I'm really busy and don't think I could commit to volunteering on a regular basis, but I'm still keen to help Helen's Trust. Can I still be of use?

Yes, definitely. Currently most of our volunteer roles are focussed on supporting our fundraising, (although this may change in the future). As with many of Helen's Trust volunteers, you can help us on an ad hoc basis at events you're interested in. You may be able to support us remotely too with your skills and knowledge. Perhaps you could look after a few collecting tins for us in your area, distributing and replacing.

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