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Our Trustees

Our Board of Trustees bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, passion and experience. They meet formally every two months and provide valuable strategic guidance, governance and support to the staff team. They really DO 'Do Something Amazing' and Helen's Trust is incredibly lucky and grateful to all our Trustees.

Dr Louise Jordan - Chair

Sarah Rowland - Vice Chair 

Caroline Hamilton - Trustee 

Simon Briggs - Trustee 


Dr Louise Jordan - Chair Of Trustees

I am so fortunate to have been a founding trustee of Helen's Trust and also to be a jobbing GP who can really see the impact and different that Helen's Trust makes to the local community.

I absolutely know that it is right for each individual to have the choice and the right to be able to die in their own home and in my years of General Practice have had this reaffirmed to me time after time. Beneficiaries have far more peaceful deaths and families have far better experiences, both at the time of their death and in their bereavement.

I bring many years of work and understanding of the world of medicine and health in the community, and also my passion for the core values of the charity. I am privileged to be a part of this charity and feel energised by it's work daily.


Sarah Rowland

Helen's Trust is a local charity for me, and I have been aware of its fantastic work for a number of years. I volunteered to help at some events and then realised that I may also be able to support the charity in a different way by using my experience as a Partner in a large national legal firm and by contributing my legal and management skills as a trustee.

It is incredibly rewarding to play a real part in the strategy of the charity, and a privilege to work alongside such a dynamic team who come from very different professional backgrounds but are united by a passion to support people with terminal illness. 



Living in Derbyshire I had been aware of Helen's Trust for a number of years before I was approached about taking on the position of trustee, and had always been very taken with, and supportive of the charity's mission and aims.

As a Managing Director of my own PR company I am able to bring both business and PR insight to the Helen's Trust Board. Acting as a trustee has enabled me to develop my management and strategic skills, widening my insight and perspectives.

I am very proud to be part of a team of people who are so committed to the charity at Board level and team level, working together to ensure the ongoing success of the work that we do. 


I am a Senior Manager with Rolls-Royce plc acting as a Global Programme Manager within IT. I have worked in IT for nearly twenty years. My focus is getting the right value for every £1 we spend. Simon Briggs
I am married with one Child, Harry, an active 10 year old.
I first heard about the work Helen’s Trust did over a pint from one of the GP’s who works with Louise. Originally I didn’t understand what I could offer, it’s completely out of my comfort zone. 
"This has turned into the reason to join the team, I am getting a new perspective, meeting amazing people with a real commitment to support people and families with terminal illness."