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Ledgard Jepson

Helen's Trust has been lucky to be supported by Ledgard Jepson since 2012, when our 2 organisations met through Helen's Trust being chosen as Charity of the Year by Meadowhall.

Ledgard Jepson are a full service marketing and communications agency. Established in 1989 and independently owned by two directors they are specialists in branding and brand application, graphic and production design, web development and hosting, communications, PR, marketing and event management.

Since 2012 they have supported our small team by providing the highest quality design work such as our fantastic Chatsworth 10k promotional graphics. In the Summer of 2013 it was Ledgard Jepson who created our new logo and branding.

MD David Exley says

"I was introduced to Helen's Trust a few years ago by our client Meadowhall and worked with them ever since. My father died of cancer in 2008 and he so much wanted to spend his last few days at home, however he was too ill to make it. I think it was for this reason that Helen’s Trust got under my skin, and understanding their challenges as a small charity meant that I could really help and make a difference."

David Steve Paris Marathon

Steve (left) and David (right) took part in the Paris Marathon to raise funds for Helen's Trust

Need to talk?

Care & Support:
0778 033 1715

Fundraising & General Enquiries:
01629 812759