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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Helen's Trust do?

Helen's Trust provides support to terminally ill people who wish to be cared for and to die at home. To find out more about the services we provide please click here. 

What support can Helen's Trust provide?

We fund and coordinate non-nursing care such as sitting services overnight and regular carer respite during the day. We fund and coordinate equipment such as recliner chairs, overbed tables and bath seats. We will endeavour to fund and coordinate anything which you think would enable our beneficiary to stay at home. 

Does Helen's Trust Have a Mission and Values?

Yes we do and these guide everything we do at Helen's Trust. Our Mission is to enable anyone with terminal illness to have the choice to stay in their own home at the end of their life. 

Our Values and Beliefs are: 

  • Respect, Dignity and Compassion - for everyone we work with
  • Motivation - we seek to go the extra mile at all times, recognising how important our timely intervention can be
  • Professionalism - we are a credible organisation and one which is fully accountable to those who support and benefit from it
  • Engaged - we seek to ensure we are engaged with, and embedded in, our local communities
  • Equality - we seek to ensure that our services are available to all suitable individuals

Which area does Helen's Trust cover?

Currently we provide support to people with terminal illness who live in North Derbyshire and the High Peak. 

How can I get help for someone I know?

Our friendly and experienced Referrals Coordinators Jane and Sylvia are available Monday-Friday 9am-4pm and would welcome you getting in touch if you think we might be able to help. You can contact them by email or by calling our office on 01629 812759 or directly on 077780 331715. Find out more about making a referral here.

How many people do Helen's Trust support each year?

We provide support to approximately 150 individuals each year. To read about some of the people we help click here

How much money does Helen's Trust need to raise each year?

It costs us in excess of £220,000 each year to provide our services. 

How many staff work at Helen's Trust?

We have a team of 6: A full time Chief Executive, a part time Fundraising and Business Manager, a part time Community Fundraiser, part time Accounts and Administration Officer and 2 part time Referrals Coordinators who job share a full time position. Meet our small and friendly team here. We are also supported and guided by a Board of 7 Trustees with a wide variety of skills and experience. To read about our Board please click here. 

How long has Helen's Trust been running?

Helen's Trust was set up in October 2001, following the death of Helen Louise Lyon. To find out more please click here

How can I help Helen's Trust?

You can help us by volunteering for us, asking your workplace or school to support us, fundraise for us, make a donation to us, help us distribute collection boxes, flyers and posters or attend one of our events

How do I get in touch with Helen's Trust? 

Please contact us here.

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